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Rim and Mags Detailing Services

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Your vehicle’s rims and mags are regularly exposed to a wide variety of objects that can get them dirty and expose them to damage. On any given day, your rims and mags can be exposed to sand, mud, water, rocks, and loose asphalt, depending on where you are driving. If left unchecked, all the accumulated dirt can seriously affect your wheels’ performance, and can expose your tires to damage as well.

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Keeping your rims or mags regularly cleaned is an important step to take if you want to keep your wheels performing properly. You can’t just go with any ordinary car cleaner, however; rims and mags can be tricky to clean because of all the small corners, after all. Knowing that cleaning your rims can also help protect your tires from dirt and damage, you can’t afford to be sloppy.

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Vangre’s Mobile Carwash and Auto Detailing has the solutions for you when it comes to professional rim and mags detailing in Cavite. Our auto detailing specialist follow a thorough cleaning process that leaves no room for dirt or grime to remain. We ensure that our clients’ rims and mags are not only properly rinsed, but also protected with some of the finest protective coatings available on the market today. With proper maintenance, we guarantee that your rims and mags will be hydrophobic and have an easy to clean feature for years.

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